Maidenhair Fern

Ferns of the Sydenham section


Some hikers are familiar with a pamphlet available in Grey and Bruce Counties entitled FERN CHECKLIST. On the back it states, "Welcome To Owen Sound. The Fern Capital of Ontario" and was written by Nelson (Nels) Maher. The 38 fern silhouettes with both common and scientific names is wonderful to have on a hike especially in the Sydenham section of the Bruce Trail.

There are numerous fern books on the market. One worth consideration is A Guide to the Ferns of Grey & Bruce Counties authored by the Bruce-Grey Plant Committee, Owen Sound Field Naturalists.

Featured Fern Website

Bullet Right Ontario Ferns by Walter Muma Canadian Site - This site is a well illustrated and organized inventory of the ferns of Ontario.

Ontario Ferns by Walter Muma

There are links to other sites Mr. Muma has created such as Ontario Wildflowers (check out the Fringed Polygala, the rare white form, Ontario Trees, The World of Mosses and more.The "In Memory of Robert Muma" (Walter's father) section includes a very interesting profile of Robert Muma - well worth reading.

 Links to a Few Fern Websites