Sydenham Bruce Trail Club

Preserving a ribbon of wilderness, for everyone, forever.

COVID-19 Update

(August 4, 2020)

As of June 2, most of the Bruce Trail is open.

As of July 1, Club Organized Group Hikes have resumed.

Thank you to our volunteer trail workers and land stewards have prepared the trail for a safe reopening!

Trail areas which remain closed are noted on the BTC trail changes page. For more information, please see the BTC COVID-19 updates page.

Please Hike Responsibly & Safely:

  • Keep 6 feet away from other walkers and hikers who are outside your Social Circle of 10 people.

  • Move aside to allow others to pass.

  • Walk or hike for shorter spans of time.

  • Respect any trail or facility closures.

Secrets of Sydenham

Do you like treasure hunts? Would you like to earn a new Sydenham Club badge, while at the same time explore 30 unique nature reserves? If your answer is yes, then you will want to purchase Ron Savage’s new book titled Secrets of Sydenham.

Hikers often pass right through land that has been secured and protected by the Bruce Trail Conservancy without knowing they are on a protected reserve. Ron has written a new book describing why you should add these unique reserves to your bucket list of trails to explore. The manuscript includes maps and trail descriptions.

To add “treasure hunt fun” to your hiking exploration is a quest to find a secret code number hidden along the trail on each of the properties. At the end of each chapter are clues on how to find the codes. Both young and old will enjoy reading this captivating book and exploring Bruce Trail Conservancy’s nature reserves in Sydenham.

You can find Secrets of Sydenham at bookstores in Owen Sound and Meaford. To earn your badge see the Badges page.

About the Sydenham Club

The Sydenham Bruce Trail Club (SBTC) was formed in July 1962. Our volunteers have been working for over 50 years to preserve and protect the Niagara Escarpment, and provide public access via the Bruce Trail to this magnificent corridor of nature.

The Bruce Trail, Canada's oldest and longest footpath, provides the only continuous public access to the magnificent Niagara Escarpment, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. It is one of only eighteen such reserves in all of Canada. The Sydenham section of the Bruce Trail is managed by the SBTC.

Members of the SBTC volunteer their time to build and maintain the Bruce Trail along an established optimum route from Blantyre to Wiarton, Ontario, Canada. The main trail in the Sydenham section is 170 km long with numerous side trails that provide access to the main trail or, in some cases, link to the main trail allowing for loop walks. The work involves such activities as:

  • acquiring landowner permission

  • building the footpath

  • erecting structures such as foot bridges and signs

  • regular trail maintenance

  • stewarding the land we have secured

SBTC members do not always work alone. For major projects some community groups assist. The SBTC is one of nine clubs that are governed by the Bruce Trail Conservancy (BTC). The SBTC is governed by an elected executive.

Join the Club!

The Bruce Trail Conservancy is an organization founded, built and supported by volunteers, donors, and members. Your membership in the Conservancy will help the Sydenham Bruce Trail Club continue in its efforts to preserve and protect the natural heritage of the Niagara Escarpment. The Bruce Trail provides an important link to over 100 parks and conservation areas along the Niagara Escarpment corridor and the Conservancy works to maintain the Trail throughout southern Ontario.

Your membership means that you are participating in securing the continued existence of the Bruce Trail. You'll have the opportunity to meet new people and get involved in our hikes, social gatherings, workshops and weekend outings. You also receive:

  • Bruce Trail Magazine; the official magazine of the Bruce Trail Conservancy

  • The Sydenham Hiker; a newsletter published quarterly featuring information on SBTC achievements and upcoming hikes and events.

  • Discounts on products from the BTC Store and at various sports and hiking stores.

To join the Sydenham Bruce Trail Club (SBTC) you must join the Bruce Trail Conservancy:

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