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Secrets of Sydenham

30 Hikes and explorations for Secret Codes

Hikers often pass right through land that has been secured and protected by the Bruce Trail Conservancy without knowing they are on a protected reserve. Ron Savage has written this book describing why you should add these unique reserves to your bucket list of trails to explore. The manuscript includes maps and trail descriptions.  

To add “treasure hunt fun” to your hiking exploration is a quest to find a secret code number  hidden along the trail on each of the properties. At the end of each chapter are clues on how to  find the codes. Both young and old will enjoy reading this captivating book and exploring Bruce Trail Conservancy’s nature reserves in Sydenham.

You can find Secrets of Sydenham at these bookstores:

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Note: Trail re-route on #14 Rock Springs Nature Reserve:  The KOA campground is closed seasonally, and hikers are not allowed to enter the property during this time (cannot complete the long loop).  Continue to use Sideroad 15 to access the Rock Springs Nature Reserve year-round.  You'll find both "secrets" on the Nature Reserve property.

Sydenham End to End

Tales about the Sydenham section of the Bruce Trail

Woven into the fabric of the trails through the Sydenham section is a hidden collage of geology, history, tales of interesting landowners and personal stories.  Ron Savage, a dedicated Sydenham Trail Director, has brought these stories to life in his second book. His knowledge of the Sydenham section of the Bruce Trail is extensive.  His writing displays a deep love for the Niagara Escarpment and its protection.  His stories about the Bruce Trail are full of humor, always intriguing, and quickly captivate a reader’s interest.

All of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the BTC for further land acquisition along the Niagara Escarpment.

Available for purchase at local book stores in the Owen Sound area.

Ross Mclean's Top Ten in Sydenham

What follows is a subjective list but it includes the best hikes in Sydenham to which Ross McLean would recommend to take visitors to showcase the natural beauty of the area.

For further details about each, consult the Bruce Trail Map Options.