Badge Design Contest - Closed

The “I Hiked Sydenham” Yellow Lady-Slipper End to End badge was introduced in 1993, designed by Clark Campbell and Orris Hall, Board members of the Sydenham Bruce Trail Club in the day. After 30 years in circulation, we are retiring the “I Hiked Sydenham” badge in 2023. 

We’re seeking creativity and talent to create a new long-lasting design for the next Sydenham End to End badge. 

The winner will be awarded $50 gift card for the Bruce Trail Conservancy Store as well as the prestige of having your design presented to hundreds of hikers as they complete future End to Ends of the Sydenham section. 

Good Luck to all!!

Submission Guidelines:

The contest is now closed.

Badge submissions will be anonymously scored by the Badge Committee of the SBTC. Judging criteria includes creativity, relevance to the Sydenham Bruce Trail section, and representative of an End to End award.

New design will be further vetted at our Executive Board meeting in May 2023.

Sydenham End-to-End

This badge is for individuals who register for and complete a Sydenham End-to-End organized by the Sydenham Club.

This organized End-to-End is formatted as an 8-hike series, spread over four weekends, two days each, in the spring and autumn.  You'll receive this badge at the end of the 8th hike, usually in Wiarton. 

There will be a 2023 End to End.  See the Group Hikes page for more information.

Badges for Self-directed Hikes

Hikers who plan and organize their own hikes, and keep a record of their completed hikes, may earn the badges shown below.  Payment for the badges below can be by cheque, or via e-transfer.  No cash please.

[Pricing updated for January 2022] All badges below cost $10.00 for BTC members, and $15.00 for non-members. Please include your membership number with your request, in order to receive the member discount.

Payment by cheque:

Send your hike log, cheque (payable to Sydenham Bruce Trail Club), your name, your BTC membership number if you have one (and for each member of your group,  maximum 6 badges per request), your email address (in case we have questions), and a stamped, self-addressed envelope to:

Sydenham Bruce Trail Club

Box 431

Owen Sound, ON

N4K 5P7 

Please allow up to 6 weeks to receive your badge.

Payment by Interac E-transfer:

Please direct your Interac E-transfer to .  Our financial institution will accept auto deposit thus the Security Question and Answer are not required.

Please email your hike log and full mailing address to 

Please allow up to 4 weeks to receive your badge.

I Hiked the Sydenham Section

You may earn this badge shown on the right by walking the entire length of the main portion (white blazes) of the Sydenham section of the Bruce Trail.  As you walk the section keep a log of exactly where you hiked and when. Once you have completed the trail, follow the payment instructions above.

"Secrets of Sydenham" Challenge

 This special badge can be earned by hiking 30 of the Bruce Trail Conservancy’s Nature Reserves found in the book “Secrets of Sydenham”. You will also have to find the secret codes hidden close by the trail on each of these properties. Clues are provided in the book.

As you locate the hidden codes fill out the last page of the book. When you have visited all 30 of the nature reserves and filled in all of the hidden codes, follow the payment instructions above.

"Looping Through Sydenham 25" Challenge

This special challenge ran for 5 years from 2014 to 2019.  We continued to send badges to hikers who completed the challenge, until Dec. 2022.

Stay tuned for a new edition of the Looping book, expected to be released later in 2023!